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6F 109 Repulse Bay Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong

+852 56 89 2272

CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.

Adult Classes

Adult Courses

We offer a wide range of exciting courses for adults, Whether you are a beginner or pro we are here to help You! 



The skills learned through actor training can benefit everyone. Fundamentally our courses focus on the discipline of acting but there is a strong cross over with public speaking, we aim to help overcome self-consciousness and build a strong sense of confidence that not only shines through whilst performing but in everyday life. Working on expression, voice and physical presence we work towards creating believable true performances. 


  • Audition Preparation
  • Acting
  • Physical Theatre 

Students will be taught by professional actors who have trained in the United Kingdom who will share their industry experiences and knowledge


Voice & Singing

Voice training is a discipline which can have huge benefits in a variety of situations. Whilst theatre performance, singing and public speaking are clearly aided by voice work, it can also have a positive impact upon day-to-day voice for business. Private lessons are available with our industry professionals, and can be tailored to individual requirements. 



  • Voice for Business
  • Voice for Teachers
  • ABRSM Examinations 
  • Audition Preparation 
  • Singing 

Students will be taught by voice experts  who have trained in the United Kingdom and America who will share their industry experiences and knowledge

Jazz Dance.png


Dance is a silent art form that allows for the freedom of expression, while developing musicality and artistry. Dance comes in many disciplines: classical ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary dance and many more. Our Dance students will develop strength in technique, creativity and versatility through movement, confidence in performance and the courage to explore expression through their own choreographic creations.


  • Ballet 
  • Tap

Students will be taught by professional dancers from the United Kingdom who will share their industry experiences and knowledge.