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Unit C, Block 1, Hee Wong Terrace
Kennedy Town

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CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.

Voice & Singing Courses

Vocal Training. Interview practice. Accent reduction. Professional voice. 


Voice training is a discipline which can have huge benefits in a variety of situations. Whilst theatre performance, singing and public speaking are clearly aided by voice work, it can also have a positive impact upon day-to-day voice for business. Private lessons are available with our industry professionals, and can be tailored to individual requirements. 


Voice for business

18Yrs + Group & Solo LEssons AVAILABLE 

At CentreStage we offer Voice for Business lessons which encompass work on:

  • resonance, to create a richer and fuller sound
  • intonation, for an engaging pitch range
  • energy, for a positive presence when speaking to both individuals and groups
  • the body, ensuring that posture and body language allow for good voice use
  • accent softening, allowing the speaker to be clearly understood when speaking English
  • breath, to help to ground the speaker in order to centre and focus the voice

Whilst the Voice for Business classes can cover accent softening, we also offer this as a primary discipline. Accent softening is for those who would like to sound more like a native English speaker (either in a British or American accent, depending upon personal preference). Our Voice Coach, Laura, will assess the needs of each speaker and organise lessons based upon individual requirements. Lessons could include work on:

  • tone of voice, for a quintessentially British / American sound
  • phonetics and diction, in order to understand in detail where and how each sound is made, to build an authentic and clear accent
  • intonation and stress, for correct emphasis on words and syllables



VOICE FOR getting places

Audition Preparation 15 YRS + 

We also offer classes for those wishing to audition for professional Conservatoire training, either for Acting or for Musical Theatre. These sessions will focus on:

  • audition technique
  • interview skills
  • finding suitable audition materials
  • bringing the performer up to audition performance standards

Performance lessons for professionals and adults are available, and could benefit those who wish to:

  • build upon their previous training
  • work towards auditions or performances
  • expand repertoire
  • work through particular challenges



Open to all abilities - group & solo lessons available 

Singing is a skill that comes naturally to some, and less so to others, but nevertheless it's something that many of us love to do! At CentreStage we work on encouraging the natural voice to shine through, to reach each individual's potential. We can offer courses bespoke to your needs and preferences. 


  • Sing with confidence 
  • Use the voice safely
  • Widen knowledge of different styles of music
  • Overcome performance anxiety 
  • Increase vocal range 
  • Act through the songs for dynamic performance 
  • Have fun as part of a team
  • Take risks in order to increase vocal potential 


  • Capability to create an array of characters
  • Good understanding of how the voice works
  • Ability to sing in a wide variety of styles
  • Understanding of the best use of breath for singing
  • Control of the voice
  • Ability to perform under pressure 
  • Listening to others to sing cohesively 
  • Ability to use resonance to fill a space
  • Understanding of diction to order to sing with clarity