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CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.

The Young Cubs - Drama, Musical Theatre & Dance

Drama Club for young children. Communication, storytelling, confidence building skills learned. 


Current Courses:

  • Speech Drama & Communication

  • Musical Theatre - NEW ! 

  • Ballet

  • Funky Jazz

  • Dance (variety) - New

  • Solo Time Classes



The Young Cubs programme is designed to introduce kindergarten students from 3-6 years into the magical world of the theatre. We build on the skills required to enable them to become well-rounded individuals. Our focus is on developing self-esteem, confidence and conviction in each individual.

Our classes are broken into the below age groups: 

3-4 | 5-6 Yrs

"Play Is The Work of the Child" - -Maria Montessori

Speech, DRAMa & Communication Course

Introducing children to drama at a young age advances their abilities to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, express themselves and think creatively. Our SpeechDrama Communication course focuses on social skills and confidence building. Our cubs will work on poetry, literature, art and language each class. We work on a range of famous children's books and films. The Young Cubs' all-time favourites characters will be brought to life through song & dance.  This drama and performance course nurtures our cubs' acting, singing and dance skills. We want to help our Young Cubs build their confidence and have fun doing so.


  • The  interpret poetry and literature
  • Increase vocabulary
  • To be able to speak with confidence in front of an audience
  • To work as part of a team


  • Build self confidence and self esteem 
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Learn explore a range of expression through voice and movement
  • To enhance learning through creative mediums

Musical Theatre Course

The Young Cubs Musical Theatre course is designed to give students an introduction to all three performing arts disciplines: acting, singing and dancing. Students will learn in a fun and creative environment with industry experts who have all been trained at vocational schools in the UK and who have professional performance experience. Students will be introduced to script and learning how to create character through voice and physicality. Students will learn different styles of dance to help them express themselves and perform through movement. Students will also cover basic voice techniques and understand how to act through song and bring the story to life.

Skills Obtained

  • To act, sing and dance
  • To act through song
  • To perform through dance


  • To perform knowingly and confidently on stage
  • Become well rounded performers
  • Holistic exposure to dance
  • Lose inhibitions in and explore musical theatre in a safe environment


The Young Cubs Dance course is designed to give students 3-4Yrs an introduction to different styles of dance, whether Classical Ballet, Funky Jazz or Tap Dance. Students will learn in a fun and creative environment with industry experts who have all been trained at vocational schools in the UK and who have professional performance experience.

Young Cubs Ballet .png

Each week students learn a different dance discipline on a rotation basis. Students begin the course with an introduction to Classical Ballet and learn the ballet basics using music from Tchaikovsky's The NutcrackerThe Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake as they bring the famous characters to life through movement. Students then begin to explore Jazz and Tap movement vocabulary and learn the importance of rhythm and musicality when interpreting different music genres. Our Young Cubs Dance course encourages even the quietest of students to grow in courage as they are given the freedom within a structured learning environment to express themselves and perform confidently through movement. The end of each term will culminate in a short sharing of work for family and friends for the students to showcase the exercises and choreographed routines that they have learnt over the course of the term.

Skills Obtained

  • To perform through dance
  • To understand rhythm
  • Learn the importance of dynamics and musicality
  • Develop the basic skills and techniques in each of the three dance genres


  • To perform confidently on stage
  • Become well rounded performers
  • Holistic exposure to dance
  • Lose inhibitions in and explore dance in a safe environment


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CentreStage Studios HK is an official LAMDA Examination Centre in Hong Kong. We have achieved incredible results since launching our LAMDA Examinations. At CentreStage we use the LAMDA syllabus to help structure our Young Cub courses. We allow students to enter for LAMDA Examinations from six years old. LAMDA Examinations are not compulsory and we only encourage students to take an exam if they show a genuine enthusiasm to do so.  

 LAMDA qualifications help hundreds of thousands of candidates across the world to develop confidence, communication skills and performance techniques.  LAMDA exams focus on achievement – aiming to provide each individual with the opportunity to succeed and empower their sense of self, which ultimately creates well-rounded individuals. LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding organisations who have been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years.

LAMDA is an accredited awarding body of Ofqual (The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator in England). Communication and Performance Examinations at Level 3 are recognised within the UCAS tariff for UK University entrance.

CentreStage Studios HK students 6 - 18yrs will have the opportunity to enter for LAMDA Examinations at least once per year. Our next LAMDA Examinations session is in November 2018.