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6F 109 Repulse Bay Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong

+852 56 89 2272

CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.



At CentreStage Studios HK we are passionate about the voice.  The ‘voice’ is an integral part of our communication, learning how to effectively implement and use vocal techniques such as breath control and projection is vital, not only to be a good performer, but to be a great communicator. The voice is a delicate instrument that must be looked after we teach our students vocal safety and how best they can use their voice. Young voices are still in the stages of development so developing good vocal practice is key.



Singing is a skill that comes naturally to some, and less so to others, but nevertheless it's something that many of us love to do! At CentreStage we work on encouraging the natural voice to shine through, to reach each individual's potential. We can offer solos and group courses bespoke to your needs and preferences. 

During a term at CentreStage we look at different styles including:

  • Rogers and Hammerstein era / legit

  • Modern musicals / belting

  • Speaking / singing / Rap – bridging the gap

  • Pop / contemporary

  • Jazz


  • Capability to create an array of characters

  • Good understanding of how the voice works

  • Ability to sing in a wide variety of styles

  • Understanding of the best use of breath for singing

  • Control of the voice

  • Ability to perform under pressure

  • Listening to others to sing cohesively

  • Ability to use resonance to fill a space

  • Understanding of diction to order to sing with clarity


  • Sing with confidence

  • Use the voice safely

  • Widen knowledge of different styles of music

  • Overcome performance anxiety

  • Increase vocal range

  • Act through the songs for dynamic performance

  • Have fun as part of a team

  • Take risks in order to increase vocal potential

Venue: CentreStage Studios HK, The Repulse Bay Club, 6F 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay

Fees: $250 per class, plus $30 non-members fee.



Spoken Voice 

Voice training is a discipline which can have huge benefits in a variety of situations. Whilst theatre performance, singing and public speaking are clearly aided by voice work, it can also have a positive impact upon day-to-day voice for business. We offer spoken voice classes for those looking to work on: 

  • Resonance, to create a richer and fuller sound

  • Intonation, for an engaging pitch range

  • Energy, for a positive presence when speaking to both individuals and groups

  • The body, ensuring that posture and body language allow for good voice use

  • Breath, to help to ground the speaker in order to centre and focus the voice

  • Diction, for clear and concise articulation



ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is the UK's largest music education body, offering assessments to more than 630,000 candidates in 93 countries every year, including Hong Kong. 

Above all, ABRSM's mission is to inspire achievement in music, and we at CentreStage share that goal. Our Solo Time Singing students have the option to work towards ABRSM examinations, if they so wish.


  • An exam gives students a fixed goal to work towards.

  • It gives students a concrete measure of their progress.

  • A highly qualified examiner will give objective and constructive criticism and advice, which can then be acted upon in order to improve technique.

  • Students can communicate their abilities with others in an objective manner.

  • The exams encompass music theory as well as vocal technique, meaning that the student can become a more rounded musician and performer.

As well as encouraging improvement in practical and theoretical musicianship, students with Grade 6-8 ABRSM qualifications also benefit from UCAS (University and Colleges Admission Service) points, which can be used as part of an application to UK universities and colleges. 


  • Accompanied songs, in a variety of genres and languages (three for Grades 1-5, four for Grades 6-8)

  • An unaccompanied traditional song (e.g. a folk song)

  • Sight singing

  • Aural tests (music theory)

Although a student does not need to pass each element in order to pass the grade, they must achieve a minimum overall mark of 100 out of a possible 150. 120 marks will achieve a Merit, and 130 a Disctinction. 

The ABRSM examinations are administered by HKEAA (The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority), and they are the most popular music examinations in Hong Kong.