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20-22 Bonham Road
15A All Fit Gardens, Mid-level, Hong Kong Island,
Hong Kong

+852 56 89 2272

CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.

Dance ECA Courses


CentreStage’s dance course offers the four core disciplines - classical ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance. We provide students with the opportunity to explore the world of dance and expand their dance vocabulary, creativity and expression through movement.

Students will be taught by professional dancers from the United Kingdom who will share their industry experiences and knowledge. Focus is on improving technique, developing strength and, most importantly, challenging students’ versatility.



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  • To learn a variety of dance styles
  • Develop musicality and artistry
  • Learn how to express yourself through movement 
  • Gain knowledge of movement practitioners
  • Introduce physical theatre


  • Dance technique
  • Flexibility
  • Physical strength
  • Musical interpretation

Classical Ballet

Ballet teaches elegance, pose, attention to detail and physical strength. While our classes focus on technique our ultimate aim is to produce ballet dancers who demonstrate musicality and artistry when performing. 

Our ballet students will also have the opportunity to be entered into RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Examinations in 2017.

Jazz Dance

Funky hip-hop routines mixed with Fosse-esque choreography give students the opportunity to dance to their favourite current songs and re-enact their pop star idols and Broadway Stars.

Tap Dance

Tap is probably the most fun dance style for young students. It is the perfect introduction to dance for those who have never danced before and allows students to explore movement through rhythm and sound.


Choreography workshops provide a platform for students to devise their very own choreographic triumphs. We explore the choreography of Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey and many more. Each term concludes in a sharing of work, by our students, to family and friends, to demonstrate the choreographic skills and techniques they have been workshopping.