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CentreStage Studios HK is a drama and performing arts company based in Hong Kong. LAMDA exam, Speech Festival, confidence and communication coaching, musical theatre training are all available along with many more courses.

Getting Ahead ECA COURSES

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Time Management & Study Skills

Interview Skills

Debate & Negotiation Skills

The Harkness Method



Getting Ahead ECA programmes at CentreStage Studios HK are offered under the company’s strategic partnership with Aegis Advisors, a leading educational advisory services company in Hong Kong. Our partnership is an important extension to CentreStage Studios HK because we believe in combining vocational and academic skills so that each child can reach their full potential. We are the only providers of an ECA of this type and calibre in Hong Kong, which places us and our students head and shoulders above our competition.

The ECA programmes by Aegis Advisors offers premier training in a full range of areas, from soft skills development such as study skills, management and presentation skills, to boarding school and university preparation. Courses are offered on a seasonal basis at specific international schools and available for sign up through the schools.



Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Find the confidence to become a better speaker, in general or in front of an audience. Students will learn essential presentation and public speaking skills by way of a range of training including those used for impromptu speeches, panel interviews, and presentations. 

University Major & Career Exploration

Not sure what you want to study or do in life? This is the essential course for students to start exploring the wide range of options available. We will introduce students through an array of popular majors such as medicine, law, business, engineering, finance, etc., as well as their respective potential career options.  Students will also learn about professional etiquette, interview skills and how to write effective cover letters and resumes.

Time Management & Study Skills

Do you struggle with procrastination or poor study habits? Ever wish you could be more efficient and effective in your own studying? This course will help you understand your learning style and equip you with important study habits and skills that will make a world of difference to your studies. Topics covered include learning style assessment, goal setting, time management, organisational skills, techniques in memorisation, note taking, exam preparation, and stress management.

Debate & Negotiation Skills

Occasionally we need to develop an argument, be persuasive and defend a position. But oftentimes, negotiation skills are far more valuable in life than winning out in a debate. Learn how to effectively negotiate in any situation, with friend or foe, and see the possibilities you can realise with the right skill set.

The Harkness Method  

Modelled after the Harkness method used at top boarding schools in the U.S., students will explore a range of interesting topics and discuss them in a collaborative round-table discussion. Students will develop a range of knowledge surrounding history, literature, philosophy, religion, politics, economics and other current events, all while developing analytical, logical and rhetorical skills, as well as building the confidence to speak up and be more proactive in class.